Zlatan Ibrahimovic Cars

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Cars

alt='One of them is the Enzo Ferrari worth hundreds of thousands of pounds'
One of the luxury car collection Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Manchester United's new star, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is moving his luxury 'toys' from Paris to England. Collection of luxury cars worth 1.5 million pounds sterling will be sent to Manchester after Ibra found a rent 20 thousand pounds per month for his family.

Previously, Ibra had lived in the Lowry Hotel who became a subscription MU team. But he did not feel at home and moved because the hotel does not have swimming pool facilities. The former Paris Saint Germain player then took his family and belongings to Manchester Radisson.
To support its daily activities, MU also provides luxury cars for Ibra. Mercedes cars used Ibra is allegedly the legacy of the previous manager, Louis Van Gaal.

However, Ibra was not satisfied. Because according to sources as reported by The Sun, the former AC Milan players need a special room to hone fitness and martial arts training. That's why Ibrahimovic then looked for a larger rented house for him and his family.
"His bodyguards are also carrying the cars that he uses at PSG," said The Sun source. "He will definitely be seen with his red Ferrari," the source said.

Next Ibra stayed waiting for his car to arrive from Paris. One of them is the Enzo Ferrari worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. Ibra also has a Porsche 918 car worth over 700 thousand pounds. In addition, Ibra is also still sponsored by the Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo.
As is known, Ibra trafficked from PSG with free transfer status. Together with Manchester United, the Swede will receive a salary of 200 thousand pounds per week.

Ibra has made his debut with the Red Devils when he met Galatasaray in Sweden last week. In the duel that won by the score 5-2, Ibra managed to score a beautiful goal.

Next Ibra plan will appear in the match award for Wayne Rooney, Wednesday.

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