Ronaldo Wants Madrid to Sell Bale, Really?

Ronaldo Wants Madrid to Sell Bale, Really?

alt="A shocking news came from Real Madrid"
A shocking news came from Real Madrid - A shocking news came from Real Madrid. Their star Mega, Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly asked management to sell Gareth Bale as capital to strengthen their team in the summer.

The figure of 28 years is indeed undergoing a tough season at Real Madrid. The problem of recurring injuries has not made him a starter in La Liga since September.

Although rarely played, Bale is still rumoured to be the target of Manchester United's dream. The red devil believes the Wales national team star will improve their game so they still want to bring it.

According to reports reported by Don Balon, United's intention to recruit Bale gets help from their former player, Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is rumoured to recommend the Madrid Management to sell Bale to MU.

Ronaldo himself reportedly disappointed with the performance of Bale which he thought dropped dramatically from last season. For that, he suggested the club to sell Bale to United, who are willing to penetrate it with high prices.

Bale's sales money will be projected to build a new Galacticos later this summer. For that Ronaldo urged that the club management accept an offer that entered from his former club.

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