Revealed, Pogba was Arsenal Fans

Revealed, Pogba was Arsenal Fans

alt="A surprising fact unfolds from the figure of Paul Pogba"
Pogba was Arsenal Fans - A surprising fact unfolds from the figure of Paul Pogba. Manchester United midfielder was apparently idolized rival club Red Devils, Arsenal.

After wandering for about three years, Paul Pogba decided to return to Manchester United last year. He broke the world's most expensive player record before the record was broken Neymar last summer.

Pogba itself is a product of Le Havre's academy. But at a young age, he moved to England to defend the red junior team of devils.

Despite long defence United, but Pogba has harboured admiration of rivals MU, Arsenal especially the French players like Thierry Henry. "In France, they (the Frenchman Arsenal) are very big players," Pogba told Football Focus.

"Arsenal has a lot of French players, I'm a big Arsenal fan, especially Thierry Henry because I always watch the action."

"I am an ordinary fan, not a fan who is very fond of them, but I watch a lot of Arsenal matches, and they have always been a great club." said the French national team players. (

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