Complete Results Match Real Madrid vs Barcelona: 0-3

Complete Results Match Real Madrid vs Barcelona: 0-3

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Real Madrid donate 14 points for Barcelona - The top standings while La Liga, Barcelona again showed their strength in the arena of La Liga. Touring to Santiago Bernabeu, El Blaugrana successfully took home 3 points to Catalunya after defeating their eternal rivals Real Madrid with a final score of 0-3.

Barcelona's winning goal was scored by Luis Suarez. penalty kicks Lionel Messi and Aleix Vidal are both happening in the second round.

Appearing as a host, Real Madrid dominated the way early this game. They won control of the ball and had locked Barcelona in their own defence area.

Team Composition of Both Teams

Real Madrid (4-4-2): Navas; Marcelo, Ramos, Varane, Carvajal; Kroos, Kovacic (Bale 72 '), Casemiro (Asensio 72'), Modric; Ronaldo, Benzema (Nacho 66 ')

Barcelona (4-4-2): Ter Stegen; Alba, Vermaelen, Pique, Roberto (Vidal 90 '); Iniesta (Semedo 77 '), Busquets, Paulinho (Gomes 84'), Rakitic; Messi, Suarez

Match Statistics

Real Madrid - Barcelona
Goals: 0 - 3
Total Shots: 14 - 17
Shots on Goal: 5 - 10
Possesion: 45% - 55%
Offsides: 5 -1
Foul: 14 - 19

Just 3 minutes fight action, Cristiano Ronaldo made public Bernabeu cheered after his header from a corner kick into the goalkeeper Marc Andre Ter Stegen. But unfortunately, the cheerful cheer turned into a cheer of disappointment after he was declared offside by a linesman.

Real Madrid's dominance continued until the first half of the first half began, although Barcelona began to show resistance in the first 15 minutes. Madrid itself again get a golden opportunity in the 11th minute after Toni Kroos release ripe bait towards Ronaldo. Ronaldo is not awake even failed to take advantage of these mature opportunities after he kicked the wind rather than kick the ball bait.

In the 18th minute, the first yellow card in this match finally came out. It was Thomas Vermaelen who got his first card in this match after he tackled Luka Modric to dampen El Real's counterattack.

Real Madrid dominance still continues until 30 minutes walking game. Madrid themselves again get a golden opportunity in the 23rd minute, but Cristiano Ronaldo who brought the ball too forced to fire a shot when Luka Modric did not awake the Barcelona defence in the Barca penalty box.

Barcelona's new dangerous opportunities born in minute 30. Get measured feedback from Lionel Messi, Paulinho who faced one on one with Ramos managed to unleash a measurable hard shot but unfortunately can still be ignored by Keylor Navas.

After the opportunity, even Real Madrid who terrorize Barcelona goalkeeper through backlash scheme. Successfully outwit four Barcelona defender, Ronaldo fired loudly horizontally but unfortunately, the shot was about the foot Ter Stegen so that the direction of the ball widened slightly from Barcelona's goal.

Madrid again gets a golden opportunity in 35 minutes. This time through the counter-attack scheme, Ronaldo and Benzema managed to escape from the offside trap and advanced to the Barcelona goal. Ronaldo then released a measured feedback to Benzema but Benzema's kick can still be driven by Barcelona defender, and the referee gives Barcelona a goal kick for Benzema has been hit by the offside.

Entering the 38th minute, Paulinho again forced Keylor Navas to a rescue to thwart his header from the feedback from Lionel Messi ripe feedback. Four minutes later turn Benzema who made Barcelona's defence overwhelmed after a header from Marcelo's cross on the goalpost Barcelona.

Ahead of the last half, Barcelona got a golden opportunity after they get a free-kick prize near the goalkeeper of Madrid. Messi who was appointed as executor failed to maximize the chances so the first half ended with the score 0-0.

Entering the second half, Barcelona began to improve their game. They began to keep up the Real Madrid game after they were dominated in the first half. In minute 52 Barcelona created the first chance in the first half through kicking Luis Suarez, but measured shots can still be read by Keylor Navas.

The anticipated goal was finally born in minute 54. Through a counter-attack scheme, Sergi Roberto released a measured feed which was then settled coolly by Luis Suarez. The score changed to 0-1 for the Barcelona visitors' advantage.

Superior one goal, Barcelona more comfortable playing at the Bernabeu. They often put pressure on the overwhelmed home crowd through their deadly counterattack scheme.

Entering 64 minutes Real Madrid has to play with 10 players after Dani Carvajal brushed off Barcelona's mature chance chances in the penalty box with his hand which then got a straight red card from the referee. Lionel Messi who was appointed as executor had no trouble conquering Keylor Navas so the position became 0-2 for the visitors' advantage.

Winning two goals, Barcelona more confident terrorize Madrid's defence. In minute 70 Lionel Messi made it past Madrid's defenders and then fired horizontally into the goalkeeper Madrid, but the opportunity was too weak so that the ball can be caught, Navas.

Left behind 2 goals, Zinedine Zidane immediately made three changes in his team. Karim Benzema, Mateo Kovacic, and Casemiro are pulled out to be replaced by Nacho Fernandez, Gareth Bale and Marco Asensio.

Ernesto Valverde also performs the cast of players in 76 minutes. Andres Iniesta is drawn out to be replaced Nelson Semedo.

The entry of Asensio and Bale made the Madrid attack more alive. In 74 minutes Asensio successfully through the Barcelona defender to send feedback to Ronaldo, but the ball can still be driven by other Barcelona defender.

Gareth Bale earned two golden chances two minutes later, the first when he failed to seize the chaos in front of goal and the other when he fired a curling shot from outside the penalty box but Ter Stegen successfully anticipated.

Pressed Madrid, Barcelona tried to retaliate. It was Semedo who managed to make the Madrid defence increasingly overwhelmed as he fired a horizontal shot that is still wide thin from the Navas goal. An opportunity was then rewarded by Sergio Ramos in 81 minutes, but his close kick was still about Ter Stegen. One minute later Ramos again threatened Barcelona's goal, but this time he was declared offside by the linesman.

In the remainder of this second half, Valverde decided to use the two remaining turns. Paulinho and Sergi Roberto are pulled out by Valverde to be replaced with Andre Gomes and Aleix Vidal.

Vidal himself succeeded in perfecting the victory of Barcelona in injury time, after a loud kick horizontal feedback from Lionel Messi not anticipated perfectly by Keylor Navas so that the position 0-3 continues to survive until the referee blew the whistle marks the end of the game.

Thanks to this victory Barcelona more solidly at the top of the standings with 45 points while Real Madrid stuck in the ranking of 4 with 31 points Raihan.

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