Chelsea News: West Ham 1 Chelsea 0

Chelsea News: West Ham 1 Chelsea 0

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Chelsea FC vs West Ham -  Are you a fan of Chelsea FC? Here are some detailed reports of yesterday's match against West Ham which was successfully summarized by its official website

1 '- Kick-off

3 '- West Ham gets a free kick after Zappacosta drops Lanzini in a dangerous area. Christensen with a header, but the ball back controlled West Ham. The ball then fed a Noble cross but the ball was too tight and out of the field.

5 '- Chelsea now get a free kick. Zabaleta broke Bakayoko in the middle of the West Ham game area. The free kick failed and exploited West Ham to counterattack. Antonio can be stopped well by Kante.

6 '- West Ham winning 1-0. Arnautovic received Antonio's pass, then swapped passes with Lanzini, shot from inside the penalty box and into the Courtois goal.

9 '- Zappacosta dropped Antonio. Free kick for West Ham in the middle of the field.

12 '- Kante tries to pass on a running Hazard, but this bait is too close to Adrian and is easily mastered.

15'- Penalty not given! Morata was dropped by Reid inside the penalty box but the referee did not consider it a foul. That was just the Blues' best chance so far, through the collaboration between Hazard and Fabregas to Morata.

20 '- Azpilicueta feeds cross to Morata at the far post, but Adrian can arrest. Alonso then yellow carded due to disturbing the goalkeeper.

27 '- Arnautovic passed, Christensen managed to chase his opponent, preceded, then made a crucial block.

29 '- The opposing goalkeeper then resumed his action by thwarting Zappacosta's shot. Moral vomiting ball, but unfortunately, its position offside.

38 '- Bakayoko kick is deflected and out of the field. Football corner for Chelsea. Soccer corner can be driven West Ham but the ball back in our control.

41 '- West Ham again gets a corner kick thanks to my Masuaku effort.

First half: West Ham 1-0 Chelsea

46 '- The Blues replace Bakayoko with Pedro in the second round.

55 '- Moses comes on for Alonso.

58 '- Zappacosta dribbled on goal, firing but still wide thin on the side of the goal.

60 '- Zappacosta, who now plays on the left flank after Moses got into the field, won a free kick thanks to his ability to hold the ball close to the Chelsea corner flag pole.

64 '- Lanzini execution is too curved and out to the back of the goal. The goal kick for us. Willian came on for Zappacosta.

67 '- Reid yellow carded for violating Morata.

69 '- Cresswell dropped Willian. Free kick for Chelsea and the yellow card for the opponent.

70 '- Arnautovic, the West Ham goalscorer, was replaced by Sakho

79 '- Antonio tumbles and needs treatment. He was later replaced by Andre Ayew.

83 '- Opportunity! Kante unleashed a breakthrough pass to Morata, shot, but widened. Our best chance so far.

84 '- Almost! Operand Morata shot Hazard but still bounced.

90 '+ 2' - Kante's cross to Morata can be driven by the opponent, the ball fell to Fabregas in front of the penalty box, kicked, but soared.

The final result: West Ham 1-0 Chelsea

Chelsea (3-5-2): Courtois; Azpilicueta, Christensen, Cahill (k); Zappacosta (Willian 64), Bakayoko (Pedro h / t), Kante, Fabregas, Alonso (Moses 55); Hazard, Morata.
Reserves that are not played Caballero, Rudiger, Ampadu, Batshuayi.
Alonso yellow card 18.

West Ham (3-4-2-1): Adrian; Reid, Ogbonna, Cresswell; Zabaleta, Obiang, Noble (k), Masuaku; Arnautovic (Sakho 69), Lanzini; Antonio (Ayew 79).
Reserve not played by Hart, Rice, Fernandes, Chicharito, Carroll.
Goalscorer Arnautovic 6.(indo.chelseafc/goaltren)

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Yellow card Arnautovic 7, Adrian 58, Reid 67, Cresswell 68, Obiang 70, Masuaku 87

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