Which rivalry is more intense: Man. Utd vs Man. City or Man. Utd. vs Liverpool FC?

Which rivalry is more intense: Man. Utd vs Man. City or Man. Utd. vs Liverpool FC?

Goaltren.com - Man. Utd vs Man. City and Man. Utd. vs Liverpool FC are one of the most exciting fixtures of the Premier League, especially that it’s between 3 of the biggest Clubs of England, but which one is more intense, the one vs ManCity or the one vs Liverpool?


Definitely the one against Liverpool, it’s between the two Clubs who have won the most League titles: 20 for Manchester United and 18 for Liverpool, and also with the most Champions League trophies, in the past, this fixture promised big things, but in recent times, it became overhyped, and really dull to watch. It’s not really that exciting anymore. Man United vs Liverpool is a more intense rivalry as they are the two most successful clubs in England in terms of number of trophies (Man Utd 42-41 Liverpool).


Manchester United vs Manchester City is the biggest game of the season in the last 7 years. The rivalry between Man United and Man City is more of a city derby and only took added importance in the past few years when Sheikh Mansour and Co. bought Man City and attracted some world class stars. We all know it’s a derby, that alone makes it intense, but this game has become more than that, especially after they snatched that 2011/2012 title from United, and 6–1, City have grown as a team, and are currently top of the league, and people are starting to think that City are replacing United as the biggest team in Manchester, so it’s a nice opportunity to remind them that it’s not.

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