Tips on Stopping Man City Steps to Fail to be Champion!

Tips on Stopping Man City Steps to Fail to be Champion!

alt="Tips on Stopping Man City Steps to Fail to be Champion!" - Manchester City is the most powerful Premier League candidate this season. It is very difficult to stop the team made by Josep Guardiola.

In the last game, they have just beaten Arsenal with a landslide victory, 3-1. Since the start of the season, they have never lost. Always won and only once got a draw when facing Everton which ended with a 1-1 draw score.

Now, the club headquartered at Etihad Stadium is ranked first by collecting 31 points. From Manchester United in second place, they have a distance of 8 points. Then with the defending champion, Chelsea, is 9 points.

This achievement became his own achievement for Manchester City in the Premier League. Packing points as many as 31 points in week 11 and a surplus of 31 goals was the best start in the English league.

Not just the number of points that make The Citizens deserve to be named as a candidate for Premier League champions this season. They have proven toughness as a team and have gone through a number of important decisive parties.

Facing Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the seventh week yesterday, City successfully brought home the full points after a 0-1 win. Then when meeting with Liverpool in the fourth week, they also won a landslide with a score of 5-0.

Speaking champion in the 11th week is still too premature. But at least Manchester City's performance this season can be a sign of their strength to the title.

Guardiola who started handling Man City last season, can not give a degree. But then City's face is completely different this season. The Spaniard seems to have found an important point in an effort to increase his players' potential.

17 matches that have been unbeaten so far, City recorded 16 wins and one draw. They have carved 52 goals in all competitions. It is a new record for the English club of 17 games. Finally it is not strange if Manchester City set as the most valuable club in the world beat Barcelona or Real Madrid, according to CIES Football Observatory. The value of Man City squad is currently as high as 1.196 billion euros, equivalent to Rp 18.75 trillion.

However, there is a proverb that says: 'no ivory is not cracked'. This means that behind the perfection of Man City at this time there must be a gap weakness.

First, Kevin De Bruyne

De Bruyne is a very important player for Manchester City this season. The Belgian midfielder has already collected six assists and contributed two goals from 11 appearances in the Premier League. Nine assists and three goals in all competitions.

Have the excellence of accurate creative bait, he is the driving force for his team. The 26-year-old recorded an average of 70 bait in every game this season.

In addition, De Bruyne also often become a nightmare for the opponent's defense. The former Chelsea player can also dribble with a slick. And another, his long-range kicks often bring surprises. The facts prove that De Bruyne's nine goals from his last 11 goals came through long-range shots.

When facing Chelsea, De Bruyne also scored a decisive victory from a long-range shot. He is more often shot like this because now he plays deeper than the previous season. While the midfielder behind the attacker handed over to David Silva.

So to muffle the Manchester City game, the answer-one of them-is to 'turn off' De Bruyne's step which is the heartbeat of their game. If it can be done, maybe Man City game will be a little choked up and die.

Second, Man City Defense

Last season Man City had problems at the back line so failed to win the trophy. Claudio Bravo is expected to be a substitute for Joe Hart often do blunders. It was aggravated by a row of uninformed defenders. Last season there were a lot of new defenders joining Man City including John Stones-following Nicolas Otamendi who joined just one season before.

To replace Bravo's disappointing role, Guardiola then brought in a new goalkeeper, Ederson, from Benfica for 35 million euros. Revision of the back line seems to be in vain because this season City has shown positive results. Manchester City has recorded six clean sheet results in the Premier League only. While last season entered the same week, they can only record two clean sheets. In essence Man City has improved in defense.

But actually Man City's defense can not be said to be perfect without a record. Man City who put forward the game from the back can be used opponent. When up front, their defense only left three players. If the attack fails, Man City is at risk of a counterattack.

Napoli had a pretty slick way to break the Man City game when it met in the Champions League a few weeks ago. They always put pressure on every phase of the game that Man City built from behind. They can go ahead in the 21st minute but then Napoli lost Faouzi Ghoulam who changed the pressing against Man City players. Napoli finally lost 2-4.

How to play like that had followed Arsenal when facing Man City in the early minutes so they are difficult to develop the game. Although the Gunners must finally recognize the benefits of Manchester City.

Tight press and counter-attack schemes do not guarantee success for City. But anyway, the defense gap could be exploited by a team that wants to stop Man City's winning pace.

Third, Sharing Up

It's impossible to stop City if other clubs do not improve, at least near the City level. Manchester United, for example, as the toughest challengers City should be able to re-appear as at the beginning of these seasons.

Jose Mourinho's team had never experienced defeat until the eighth week, including a draw against Liverpool at Anfield. But MU actually lost when facing the promotion team, Huddersfield, in the ninth week. The latter, they lost against Chelsea.

In addition, other title contenders such as Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Chelsea should also be able to perform better and consistently. Arsenal need to find a solution as soon as possible to improve the champions mentality after almost 13 years have never won. Liverpool have a problem in the defense that must be addressed immediately. Meanwhile Tottenham still less than the maximum when playing at home 'rented', at Wembley.

Because it is not impossible Manchester City will slip in the future. It was a momentum for other teams to trim their distance with the champions. As for Man City will undergo a number of relatively heavy matches against Manchester United, Tottenham, Newcastle until the end of the year.

Meanwhile Guardiola himself admitted that all the teams have the potential to beat the camp.

"I know that all the teams can beat us," said the former Barcelona coach.

But who can beat them? Let's just wait!

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