The World Cup Without Italy Will Be Pathetic

The World Cup Without Italy Will Be Pathetic

alt="Pierluigi Casiraghi claims that the World Cup will be lacking"
Italy On World cup - Former Italian star Pierluigi Casiraghi claims that the World Cup will be lacking if there is no Italian as one of its contestants.

Italy failed to qualify directly for the 2018 World Cup finals as they only finished as runners-up group behind Spain. As a result, the Azzurri must pass the playoffs to be able to perform in Russia next year.

In this playoff round, Italy will face Sweden. The first leg will be held in Stockholm on Friday, before facing the Giampiero Ventura team at the San Siro on Monday.

And recently, the former Juventus and Lazio striker was asked about Italy's chances for next year's World Cup.

"The three reasons Italy will go to the World Cup are because they are stronger than Sweden because they are only completely wrong in one game, in Madrid against Spain, because remember everything, including drawing, they deserve it," he explained.

"And because the World Cup without Italy will be too sad," he added.

And then asked if there was any suggestion on the formation that should be played by coach Giampiero Ventura in this match.

"It's hard for outsiders to make a decision except this, it's not going to be an easy option, one thing I think, especially when you play for something as important as this, you need to play your best players."

"I would say three defenders are a more proven solution, especially for the defenders. Because maybe in 4-2-4 they have some balance problems, in building attacks and defences," he said. (Foti / dzi)

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