Rear Player Chelsea tough Lukaku

Rear Player Chelsea tough Lukaku

alt=" It is true that Romelu Lukaku cannot do much against the big teams"
Romelu Lukaku - MU Player - It is true that Romelu Lukaku cannot do much against the big teams. So claimed Chris Sutton after Manchester United lost against Chelsea.

In the game at Stamford Bridge, Manchester United lost by a thin score 0-1 against host Chelsea. The only distinguishing goal was printed through Alvaro Morata's header using Cesar Azpilicueta's bait.

Since the last few seasons, Lukaku has been getting a lot of criticism every time playing against big teams. In big games, the Belgian striker is often 'disappeared' and it happens again against Chelsea.

According to Sutton, Lukaku is really bullied by a Chelsea defender and unable to get away from home care.

My own scoring only scored 15 goals in 60 games against the top six Premier League teams, and in his last seven games in all competitions, he has not scored yet.

"With her height, Lukaku is one of the most physically striking strikers in the Premier League, but she is banned all the time by Andreas Christensen, who played four starter matches for Chelsea, and Cesar Azpilicueta is almost half the height," he told the Daily Mail.

"The accusation that Lukaku is a player who can not appear in big games, I do not like to call such a player because of lack of effort, but on this evidence, it is difficult to deny it," he said. (tdm / dzi)

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