Klopp: Liverpool Like an expensive Supermarket

Klopp: Liverpool Like an expensive Supermarket

alt="the club now is like shopping at the 'expensive supermarket'."
Jurgen Klopp - The Liverpool Boss

Goaltren.com - The Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp, said that compiling the squad from the players in the club now is like shopping at the 'expensive supermarket'.

Injuries and penalty ban make Klopp rarely have a chance to have a squad that is 100 percent available this season. However, when his condition reverses, the manager will have Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, Philippe Coutinho, and Sadio mane to terrorize the opponent's defense.

With Daniel Sturridge sitting on the bench, and Adam Lallana will soon recover from injury, the German man expressed his gratitude for the depth of his squad at Anfied.

Ahead of the game against Sevilla in the Champions League, Klopp indicated he would make a change of squad after their win over Southampton last week.

"That's what we will do, but we will not make big changes in every game, in four or five positions," he told Sportsmole.

"We need all the players in this specific moment, you care about the last game, how we can make a change and I think 'wow' I like being in, I do not know, an expensive supermarket, there is a lot of quality materials, whatever you choose, perfect!"

"It's really cool and that's what we need.Another player who does not play will certainly be disappointed, but this is part of the game." (sm / rer)

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