Cristiano Ronaldo's Unfairness

Cristiano Ronaldo's Unfairness

alt="The unfairness we are talking about here is about the sharpness"
After the escape from suspension, Ronaldo re-strengthen Madrid - Anomaly, this word means abnormalities or deviations from normal.

That is what Cristiano Ronaldo experienced at Real Madrid now.

The unfairness we are talking about here is about the sharpness. For the scope, we limit it only in the league.
In La Liga this season, until Jornada 11, Ronaldo has only played seven games. Suspension forced him absent in the first four matches, namely against Deportivo La Coruna, Valencia, Levante and Real Sociedad.

After the escape from suspension, Ronaldo re-strengthen Madrid. The return of the goal machine makes Madrid more confident. But what happened was not as expected.

In seven appearances, from against Real Betis on Jornada 5 up against Las Palmas on Jornada 11, Ronaldo can only contribute one goal. In seven games, Madrid even twice lost, namely 0-1 counter Betis and 1-2 contra Girona.

In five other matches, Madrid beat Alaves (2-1), Espanyol (2-0), Getafe (2-1), Eibar (3-0) and Las Palmas (3-0). When against Getafe Ronaldo's only goal in La Liga 2017/18 has so far been created.

Madrid itself is currently eight points behind Barcelona and four points behind Valencia. Madrid will need an extreme struggle if they want to defend their title.

Return to Ronaldo, who has scored one goal in La Liga this season

For a player of his calibre himself, just one goal in the first seven appearances in the league is something very rare. It's even recorded as Ronaldo's worst statistical goal since the 2005/06 season when the Portuguese star did not score a single goal in his first seven Premier League appearances of the season with Manchester United.

For more details, let's look at Ronaldo's goal stats in the league in the first seven appearances of each season. We see from the 2003/04 season, his debut season in the Premier League with Manchester United.

  • [2003/04] Goal 0 - Premier League (goals 4)
  • [2004/05] Goal 0 - Premier League (goals 5)
  • [2005/06] Goal 0 - Premier League (goals 9)
  • [2006/07] Goal 2 - Premier League (goals 17)
  • [2007/08] Goal 3 - Premier League (goals 31)
  • [2008/09] Goal 6 - Premier League (goals 18)
  • [2009/10] Goal 6 - La Liga (goals 26)
  • [2010/11] Goal 5 - La Liga (goals 40)
  • [2011/12] Goal 7 - La Liga (goals 46)
  • [2012/13] Goal 8 - La Liga (goals 34)
  • [2003/14] Goal 6 - La Liga (goals 31)
  • [2014/15] Goal 15 - La Liga (goals 48)
  • [2015/16] Goal 5 - La Liga (goals 35)
  • [2016/17] Goal 5 - La Liga (goals 25)
  • [2017/18] Goal 1 - La Liga.

In 2003 to 2006, after being recruited from Sporting, Ronaldo is still in the development stage. Naturally, if the goal was still a goal is still limited.

But after that Ronaldo continues to grow rapidly. Premier League 2017/18 Premier Shoes won. Move to Madrid, Ronaldo more ferocious. Eight seasons in the streak, he even always scored double-digit goals in La Liga.
Trofeo Pichichi season 2010/11, 2013/14 and 2014/15 was within reach.

During reinforcing Madrid, Ronaldo also always scored at least five goals in his first seven appearances in each La Liga season. The most remarkable is in the 2014/15 season, where he scored 15 goals in just seven games early and eventually finished top scorer with a 48-goal shot.
This season, an anomaly happened. Ronaldo has scored just one goal in his first seven appearances in La Liga with Madrid.

From the squad of Madrid, the most goals in La Liga 2017/18 so far recorded on behalf of Isco and Marco Asensio, who each have carved out four. In the league, Ronaldo lost away from Lionel Messi, who leads the list of the top scorer while with 12 goals for Barcelona.
Ronaldo was not without opportunities. Ronaldo precisely tireless in firing a shot. But the accuracy and conversion are not maximal. Of 48 shots, only one goal he printed. The number of shots is the second highest after Messi (69 shots, 12 goals).

Cristiano Ronaldo in La Liga 2017/18 (WhoScored source)

  • Appearance: 7
  • Minutes play: 630
  • Total shot: 48
  • Right target shot: 13
  • Goals: 1.
  • In the Champions League this season, where Madrid are also defending champions, Ronaldo remains as keen as ever. The all-time top scorer in the elite competition has so far led with six goals scored in four appearances.

In La Liga, the opposite happened

Madrid must fight very hard if you want to catch Barcelona at the top of the standings. For that, Madrid needs the best ability of all players, especially Ronaldo who has been the mainstay of number one Los Blancos in order to tear the opponent's goal.

Madrid will hope Ronaldo can get away from this anomaly, and as soon as possible again showed his sharpness.

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