Barcelona and Real Madrid Drama: Hate to Love

Barcelona and Real Madrid Drama: Hate to Love

Hot tension can also penetrate to social media. Unceasing fans between the two camps mutually cursed, mutilating each other, after the meeting between the two teams. The heat situation sometimes can not subside in just one day
Barcelona-Real Madrid - El Clasico match that brings between Real Madrid and Barcelona is always hot. Not just on the pitch but also off the pitch.

Hot tension can also penetrate to social media. Unceasing fans between the two camps mutually cursed, mutilating each other, after the meeting between the two teams. The heat situation sometimes can not subside in just one day.

It was not just El Clasico's meeting that was their concern. For example, when Real Madrid undergo a match and suffer a defeat against one of the teams, it will spark a debate among fans. The defeat will be a matter of jokes Barca fans. Real Madrid fans who did not receive it will reply.

The debate between fans of both camps is reinforced by the Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in each stronghold. Both players are very fun to be a chatter. They like to compare who is the best between the two players.

Indeed both players are often competing in the struggle for certain achievements. After Ronaldo beat Messi in the status of the best players from FIFA, they will return to fight the Ballon d'Or award at the end of this year. And who is running, Ronaldo and Messi are racing to be the fastest to score 100 goals in the Champions League.

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Real Madrid vs Barca battles in Spain

It is hard to imagine if the two clubs one day cannot compete on the pitch. During this time, both clubs are both playing in La Liga. They fiercely compete to win various trophies in domestic competitions.

In history, Real Madrid recorded most winning La Liga. Barcelona, ​​who won the competition 24 times, was second. In addition, they also compete to collect other titles including the Copa del Rey and Champions League.

Competition like that which makes between the two clubs become a mortal enemy. Political sentiment also contributed greatly to the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Madrid is identical to the Spanish capital while Barça is a club from Catalonia, a region that wants to break away from Spain.

And Catalonia finally declared its independence recently but has not gained international recognition due to legal issues. If the eastern region of Spain is really a country of its own, then Barcelona was threatened cannot play in La Liga. Real Madrid has to split from Barca. They cannot meet as often as before.

Who loses Real Madrid or Barcelona?

The meeting between Barcelona and Real Madrid in La Liga is not just a game. The meeting between the two clubs has become a very lucrative trade commodity for both clubs.

According to a report, Nielsen Sports, El Clasico which took place in December 2017 and could generate 42.5 million dollars from the sponsor alone. Barcelona who at that time happened to host a share as much as 87 percent. That does not include income from television broadcasting and income from other sectors. The amount can touch the 100-million-dollar amount that goes into the cash of each club.

If anyone says 'Real Madrid or Barcelona go to sea only,' it is a haphazard expression that has no consideration. Barcelona and Real Madrid need each other and mutually beneficial, that's the fact.

When Madrid and Barca Separate

If there is no Barcelona in La Liga, then Real Madrid will become a club that is too dominant. Maybe only Atletico Madrid can be a tough competitor. But history has proved that neighbouring club Real Madrid is only able to 10 times to win.

For Barcelona, ​​if choosing to separate from La Liga, then Catalonia make their own league then Messi et al. would only be a giant amongst the dwarfs. Two clubs that may be a competitor Barca is Espanyol and Girona. Meanwhile, two clubs from Catalan is not included in the calculation of winning the La Liga title. They are only clubs that are ranked 10th and 13th in the 10th week of La Liga this season. Both clubs will certainly be very difficult to undermine the dominance of Barca.

Or, if Barca out of La Liga, they can join the competition of neighbouring countries like in France. Or, they can also move to England which is very far from Barcelona.

Drama Real Madrid and Barcelona

Finally with all the considerations that exist, fair if Barcelona and Real Madrid do not want to be separated from La Liga.

Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos, was admitted to not want to leave Barcelona from La Liga. He hopes Barca stay with Real Madrid in a competition regardless of the complexity of political problems that are happening.

"The situation is complicated, it's hard to believe that the majority of people want independence, I want Barcelona to play in La Liga," said the captain of Los Blancos.

From the phrase, Ramos is already representing how Real Real Madrid need the presence of Barcelona regardless when fighting on the field they seemed to want to kill each other. At El Clasico 2014, for example, Ramos deliberately kicked Messi's foot down. The tragedy led to a red card for Ramos. A number of players later became involved in the commotion. Ramos also pushed Carles Puyol down. Xavi got a yellow card for engaging in the commotion that occurred.

The incident in El Clasico was not the only one. Messi also once reacted emotionally by kicking the ball in the direction of the audience. Hot tension on this field has been rooted since the previous years.

All the drama that is interesting between Barca and Real Madrid is not going to run often if they separate from the bonds of La Liga. If so, the Madrid and Barca will also realize that the hatred that existed for this was only a mere illusion because they both support each other.

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