Crazy! Man City Star Running Faster than T-Rex

Crazy! Man City Star Running Faster than T-Rex

Crazy! Man City Star Running Faster than T-Rex - Leroy Sane notes amazingly unique achievements. Manchester City star is claimed to be running faster than a T-Rex!

The 21-year-old German player recorded the fastest running record in the Premier League when his side faced Chelsea last week.

Sane's top speed reached 22.05 miles per hour or 35.4 kilometers per hour, in a match that Josep Guardiola's team won 1-0 at Stamford Bridge.

And amazingly, that means the former Schalke star has a faster run speed than the predator dinosaurs that often appear in movies, as reported by The Sun.

Tyrannosaurus Rex is claimed to run up to 21 miles per hour or 33.7 kilometers per hour. But the record is still less than a brown bear, who supposedly can move up to speed of 21.7 miles per hour or about 34.9 miles per hour.

Crazy! Man City Star Running Faster than T-Rex

If you meet the two animals, Sane does not have to worry about being eaten. The reason, he can beat their running speed easily.

Sane himself has scored five goals in 10 appearances in all competitions this season. In addition to the above two animals, Cameroon descent player is also claimed faster than polar bears, raccoons, and also squirrels.

The Daily Mail have also picked up on the fact that Sane was clocked as the fastest player ever in the Premier League against Chelsea.

They report: "Opta has been recording how quickly Premier League players move since 2014 and Sane has now set a benchmark that will be difficult to beat.

"The second-fastest speed this season was also clocked in the last round of fixtures - Crystal Palace's Patrick van Aanholt ran at 35.42 km/h (22mph) in their 4-0 defeat at Manchester United.

"And Sane isn't the only speed merchant in Pep Guardiola's side - Kyle Walker recorded 35.16 km/h (21.85mph) earlier in the campaign.

Is @LeroySane19 faster than a squirrel, a bee or the Mancunian Way?
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